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Decdis uses a variety of data sources and our own proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to provide accurate, actionable, real time health data to people within closed environments to halt the spread of disease. We’re launching in the workplace, providing office specific recommendations to HR departments, helping them implement proactive measures that increase overall productivity and keep employees healthy and happy. signature

What are we solving?

Disease is one of the biggest threats our world faces. We live in an increasingly peaceful and technologically advanced world, yet one that has yet to effectively address the challenges posed by infectious preventable disease. This is where Decdis comes in. We believe that in 2017, it is preposterous that infectious diseases such as the flu hinder our productivity, happiness and, in some cases, our very own livelihood. We are determined to addressing this problem in the workplace, the school, the home and the care center. We hope our data-powered decision making solutions will make this world a better, safer and happier place to live in.
The most expensive resources any company has are its human resources. Companies invest a lot of money in recruiting the best talent and making sure they’re optimally productive, yet often, HR departments don’t have the data nor time to take good care of their workforce and make sure they’re reaching their full potential. Most companies invest quite a bit of resources into health and wellbeing programs, but these programs are often copy-paste and non-specific to that particular office, city, time of year or demographic of employees. HR managers need the data and recommendations to optimize their health and wellbeing strategies to make healthier and more productive workplaces.

This is where Decdis comes in!

Another challenge faced especially by smaller and medium businesses, especially in the western hemisphere, is the exorbitant cost of private insurance which they have to provide to their employees. As those costs are highly negotiable (e.g.: in North America), data proving that a company has a particularly safe and healthy environment would be an incredibly powerful bargaining chip in negotiating insurance premiums, therefore making it easier for smaller businesses to flourish and driving innovation and economic growth in the world.
Something as simple as the flu alone costs the US economy 7 billion dollars annually in sick leave days (absenteeism) and lost productivity (presenteeism) in any given year (source: US Dept. of Health and Human Services). Workforce illness at large costs the US economy over half a trillion USD a year (Source: Forbes). A worker out with the flu for just one week costs a company close to two thousand dollars in costs!
The company is working toward a goal we think should be well accomplished by 2017: hampering the spread of preventable diseases. signature

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Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) is a highly selective startup incubator based in Oslo, Norway.
All co-founders of Decdis were part of the 25 people selected out of 10,000 applicants for YSI’s second batch of incubatees.
YSI participants go through an intensive four months launch program which culminates in a two week program in Norway where teams meet with industry leaders and investors.